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91 Days: The Class of 2018 Kick-Off their Projects for Silicon Valley

class 2018 at kick offThe countdown is on until the Class of 2018 take over the bay area in May.

The Class of 2018 kicked off their Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Consulting Project and Trip earlier this week. This is the introductory session introducing the class to the application-centric learning platform of the project and trip. 

The Silicon Valley opportunity provides Executive MBA candidates with hands-on opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and experience in one of the world's most compelling innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The Project:
Teams within the Class of 2018 will have selected a silicon-valley based start-up as their client at the Kick-off session. They will now work closely with the entrepreneurs or executives from start-up on addressing a business challenge or an opportunity. The distinctive culture within Silicon Valley provides a unique set of challenges and opportunities that will require candidates to look through a different set of lenses than they would in their own organizations in order to analyze and generate recommendations for their client. 

The Trip:
Candidates travel to the bay area in May for one week. They will attend several executive briefings of organizations throughout their stay. While the list of participating organizations is still progressing for the May 2017 trip, Class of 2018 can expect a similar mix of briefings as last year, which included visits to:

  • 500 Startups
  • Techshop
  • IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Stanford University
  • US Market Access Center

These briefings provide insight on why SV is best positioned to produce 'game changing' technology and applications. The trip helps candidates understand why and how this unique culture leads 1% of the USA population to consistently produce over 10% of its patents and attract 40% of its total venture capital investment.

The Class of 2018 will be blogging about their experience in May. Click back to the Telfer Executive MBA homepage during the week of May 15th to read about their experience in real-time.

Class 2017 at Stanford University You can read about the May 2016 experience in Silicon Valley through the Class of 2016 blogs in the interim.



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