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Wasn’t That a Party!

By: Marisa Fosco, EMBA 2014

The Rideau Club was abuzz with energy and merriment on Thursday November 27th for the Telfer Executive MBA Alumni Association 2014 Annual Holiday Party.  The elegant reception room overlooking the Ottawa night skyline was the perfect venue for this group of alumni, professors, current students, and guests gathering to exchange news and well wishes. 

Beginning with a personal and warm welcome from Dean François Julien at the entrance and after seeing so many familiar faces, it is a special bond we share, as Director Sophia Leong’s opening remark is “Welcome Home”.   

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first Executive MBA graduating class and we were honoured to have the first program director, Dr. Devinder Ghandi join us and hear the passion he still has for the program and its members.  In attendance were several members of the originating class, which Dr. Ghandi affectionately refers to as his “first born”.  

As Dean Julien announced provincial funding of the Telfer PhD, Director Leong spoke about global Executive MBA partnerships and recent events with Sun Yat-sen University, and Greg Matthews, President of the Alumni Association, announced a partnership with Junior Achievement Ottawa, it highlighted for me our commitment to expand and share experiences with peers, friends, and our youth.   Talk about our Alumni radiating out in every direction!!

The video of Executive MBA memories highlighting our 20 years of alumni, produced by Michelle Couturier the Vice President of the Telfer Executive MBA Alumni Board, was a huge hit and greatly appreciated!  It is a well known fact that we like nothing better than to be reminded of all the great times we shared.

Some come to expand their network, others to chat with friends, but we all come so that we can continue being part of what we have created here.  Every year as I enter the party I have a list of people I can’t wait to catch up with and wonder how I will fit them all in to a couple of hours.  By the end of the evening I’ve managed to touch base with everyone and still have time to meet new and interesting people.  I can’t wait until the next opportunity to be with you all!! Happy and safe holidays everyone!!

If you missed the Telfer Executive MBA Alumni Annual Holiday Party you can view the video on YouTube celebrating 20 years of Telfer Executive MBA Alumni:

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