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Anne Healey (BAE Systems) and Alanna Jorgensen (DND) MBCPL Testimonials

Vice Admiral Ron Lloyd - MBCPL Testimonial

Casey MacLeod (GDMS), Nancy Whalen (DND), And Michele Weisbrod (PSPC)

David Ibbetson -
MBCPL Testimonial

“The Navy is committed to successfully delivering on projects such as ‘Strong, Secure, and Engaged’. Telfer’s MBCPL provides solutions. This program is helping my people become better leaders and project managers, and they in turn can mentor junior leaders, with the skills they have learned.”

— Vice Admiral Ron Lloyd; RCN

“ ..The years have flown by and I feel that the Telfer Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership has equipped us with advanced skills and confidence to be a successful leaders and deliver successful program outcomes.  More importantly, we have made close friends who will form a professional network for years to come as we collaborate to change how complex projects are led in Canada.”

— Christopher Robinson, Captain Canadian Submarine Force, former DNR| Royal Canadian Navy

“MBCPL is about teaching maturity and perspective in business. This program gives students the ability to build a team across multiple stakeholders, in order to deliver complex projects”.

— David Ibbetson, VP and General Manager, International Division General Dynamics Mission Systems

“Each module has proved invaluable for giving me the tools and business strategies necessary in navigating through a very complex file I was called to resolve. ‘Problem Solving in Complex Environments’, has been particularly instrumental  in bringing practical solutions to conflicts and challenges within various  teams. ‘The Personal Leadership Development’ course has served to bring self-awareness regarding my particular style of leadership. This has all helped in giving me a confident calm assurance as I brief all levels of the executive chain. The way I handle conflict and pressure is very different now.”

— Terry Smith,  Program Manager CAE

“MBCPL has enabled me (an engineer) to be more comfortable in the “grey zone” (where most projects lie) I wish I had these tools years ago! I use them every day in my work environment”.

— Alanna Jorgensen Director PSPC (formerly DND) Spearheaded multibillion dollar ISS RFP

“Most of our cohort has come away with the understanding of how powerful this program can be, especially for me in the area of collaborative contracting; within the first 6 months I have seen dividends. “

— Casey MacLeod, Sub Contractor (General Dynamics)

“Within months of starting the program I went from being a Project Manager to a Team Lead, managing a number of portfolios, which required a higher level skill set. This program has given me the strategic knowledge, insight, and credibility to fulfill my role in delivering complex endeavors. “

— Nancy Whalen – Program Team Lead, DND


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