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Rebuilding Core Capabilities;

As industry and government implement new business transformation initiatives the MBCPL program seeks to train the people who are, and will be at the helm of change. Honing their abilities as they increase program delivery and contracting effectiveness, enhance their communication and problem-solving abilities, and thereby increase their influence with stakeholders.

Better Relational Contracting Skills;

Building relationship and trust between industry, government, and military partners, has always been a longstanding goal for early contracting engagement. The Centre of Executive Leadership is a neutral ground where this ability can be fostered.

Establishing a Common Language;

Acquiring similar semantics to understand customer/client objectives and business strategy is an obvious advantage. Success and performance can be easily measured using the same metrics. Applying a set of relevant and performance-based metrics, with timeline parameters to monitor accountability and achievements against a stringent set of criteria.

Risk Mitigation;

Budget cuts create pain points, but with expert training, staff can become better equipped at allocating funding cuts, without affecting operations. This in turn will produce better requirements people.

Achieve Objectives;

The goal of successfully delivering government contracts and programs is to maximize the potential economic and industrial competitiveness benefits for Canada. MBCPL course modules such as Strategy in Complex Projects and Systems Thinking, consider different departmental mandates and deliberate how to align program delivery with organizational strategy. The methods taught in this program has the potential to save billions so money is left for other policy initiatives.

Saving You Money;

For every $1 billion invested in projects, $122 million is wasted due to lacking project performance. Source


Successful Program Delivery requires a high performance team: Learn the skills necessary to build, lead and motivate, for winning solutions.

Competitive Capture Contract Advantage;

Engage with key industry, government acquisitions personnel.

Managing Innovation;

MBCPL module Innovation is key to economic development, competitive advantage and organizational performance. Identify opposing barriers to overcome successful implementation. This requires interaction between many different areas of expertise within organizations, and increasingly across organizational boundaries. Determine the characteristics of innovative environments and the corresponding methods, concepts and techniques to implement change.

Governance- Managing ‘Big Data’;

A.I. Organizing and understanding the data that matters to Industry; We give you the skills to ask the right questions from people who manipulate the data.

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