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silouette Executive Coaching
Expanding Horizons
  • Executive coaching sessions to enhance candidate’s personal development
  • Individual and team coaching sessions to help individuals improve in targeted areas, such as management skills, leadership, self-awareness and job performance
  • A holistic approach to long-term professional and personal growth
  • Challenging behaviours and perceptions
  • Using innovative and creative arts techniques as approaches to complex situations
  • Developing leadership competencies through simulation and insightful self-awareness

Executive coaching

The Telfer MBCPL team recognizes the importance of  personal development for its candidates and thus offers executive coaching. Through a series of individual and team coaching sessions, this program helps individuals enrolled in the Telfer MBCPL program enhance their skills in targeted areas, such as management, leadership, self-awareness and job performance.  All geared towards a holistic approach to long-term personal and professional growth.

Expanding horizons

This unique component has proven successful in Australia and uses the creative arts to offer different perspectives on and approaches to complex situations. It is used to further develop leadership competencies through simulation, identification of emotional triggers and reflection in order to encourage core and insightful personal reflection by our candidates. This highly experiential learning component reflects a philosophy that the arts can offer a multitude of avenues for formulating solutions in complex environments. The more one learns about one’s true self, and the more avenues one has for finding solutions, the more effective a complex leader he or she can be.

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