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This program is designed to fill the gap currently existing in Canada and to help the country increase its ability to deliver large and complex projects and procurements. Traditional procurement approaches create unwarranted optimism and fail to prepare for the dynamics of emergent factors; it is time to adopt new approaches that incorporate global best practices and techniques.  

You will become an effective change agent, with the ability to engage with stakeholders to make creative, holistic and effective decisions. The difference between leaders involved in complex projects in turbulent times and those involved in simple projects in controlled environments is their ability to: (i) make sense of highly complex or uncertain situations (sensemaking), (ii) apply systemic thinking to create holistic solutions and (iii) rely on the strategic relationships they have forged. In this program, you will learn new methodologies, concepts and theories that will allow you to navigate complexity and achieve the results sought by key stakeholders.

Enhance your leadership ability and accelerate your career

You can develop high-level skills that can be applied in areas such as:

  • Large Scale Capital Procurement Projects
  • Business Transformation and Organisational Change
  • Innovation, R&D and New Product Development
  • Information Technology and Information Systems

You will gain access to high-level executives and thought leaders who will provide you with innovative, evidence-based approaches to complex project leadership that will allow you to improve your ability to think in terms of human and technical systems and build organizational capabilities.

Join an environment where project leaders from corporate and government organizations learn together, providing you with an unrivalled opportunity to build lasting networks with peer practitioners in sectors such as defence, aerospace, space, marine, IT, consulting, health, banking and finance, construction, insurance, mining and transportation. As you develop a higher level of confidence and enhance your public and private sector networks and collaboration skills, you will not only provide greater value within your organization and extend your sphere of influence but also improve your consensus-building and decision-making skills.

You will develop the ability to effectively deal with the big issues often confronted in large and complex projects, issues such as ambiguity and uncertainty, multiple influential stakeholders, dynamic interfaces and project time periods greater than the life cycle of the technologies involved. This program is designed to foster your growth in roles that require strategic and innovative thinking, effective communication and negotiation skills, lead change and deliver results. The integrated nature of this program facilitates changes in leadership behaviours and the transfer of skills into the workplace.

Project and Commercial Leadership

“Systems thinking” underpins this specialized program. Develop your vision and analytical skills using proven multiple methodologies to offer innovative solutions. Learn how to consider multiple dimensions and perspectives holistically in order to deliver options that align with the strategic and operational needs of the whole organization.

Learn how to deliver additional return on investment by using your newly developed skills to positively influence others, build high-performance teams and effectively manage subcontractor relationships. You will be able to measure performance in a changing environment, strategically manage risk and work effectively within a project governance framework.

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