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Who can benefit from the program?

If you are an experienced:

  • Portfolio, Program, and Project Manager
  • Key Advisors (Public and Private industry), Key team Members
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Business Development and Capture Manager
  • Military Project Directors

seeking to expand your network and enhance your professional and business competencies with global best practices, then you are an ideal candidate for this program.

Areas of focus

You will learn new techniques, enhance your leadership abilities and improve your business acumen, allowing you to successfully navigate complex environments, become a transformational leader and accelerate your career. The knowledge you gain in the Telfer MBCPL program can be expertly applied in areas such as:

  • Large Scale Capital Procurement Projects
  • Business Transformation and Organisational Change
  • Innovation, R&D and New Product Development
  • Information Technology and Information Systems

What are the targeted business sectors?

Participants will be able to join an environment where project leaders from corporate and government organizations learn collaboratively. The Telfer MBCPL program offers an unrivalled opportunity to interact with accomplished and qualified practitioners in sectors such as defence, aerospace, space, marine, IT, consulting, health, banking and finance, construction, insurance, mining and transportation. The program aims to expand your networks, enhance your collaboration skills, and promote the development of joint business solutions.

For industry and government leaders

Developing talent is an effective way for organizations to proactively attract and retain high-quality project and commercial managers. By increasing your organization’s competencies to manage complex projects and by developing your pool of high-performance leaders, your business will strengthen its corporate strategy, deliver projects that meet client expectations, sharpen opportunity recognition and increase new business success rate. Staff development is not restricted to the formal program. Staff members will join an environment where project and commercial managers from corporate and government organizations network and learn together.

This program will also help your organization expand the thinking and talents of those who show great potential. We will bring your staff into contact with leading minds in order to grapple with the big issues that are part and parcel of complex projects, such as:

  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Strategic approaches to risk
  • Diverse perspectives in government and industry
  • Preparing your team and the organization for change

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