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This blog post is for the 2018 event. For more information on this year's event, click here.

On May 8th, 2018 the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management, Master of Business in Complex Project Leadership (MBCPL) program will be hosting the second of an annual series of one-day seminars dedicated to complex project leadership.

Not only a resource for the Master’s candidates, but also an informative and educational event for government and industry leaders. The seminar provides the opportunity to hear from other accomplished leaders as they discuss how they have adapted their decision-making abilities and knowledge of global best practices to help them tackle some of the most dynamic and interesting complex projects in Canada.

This year’s seminar will be one of the premiere public events in the field of complex project education. It will be an ideal place to gain insight into the importance of professionalizing complex project leadership as well as learn how others have delivered large, complex and inherently risky projects in the Infrastructure, Information Management, Health and Defence sectors. The seminar provides attendees with the rare opportunity to network with a wide array of knowledgeable peers from across the public and private work spaces.

The seminar will feature examinations of complex Information Management, Infrastructure, and Equipment Capitalization projects as well as the UK experience in major project delivery. The second-year MBCPL participants will host, introduce, moderate and summarize the discussion on each case study.

After a catered breakfast, which will give people time to register for the day’s events and network among their peers, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Jonathan Vance, will open the seminar with remarks on the relevance of improved complex project leadership to the implementation of Canada’s Defence Policy and to the operational success of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Eglinton Crosstown LRT


Mr. Rob Pattison, the Senior Vice President of Light Rail Transit for Infrastructure Ontario will be the first of four main presenters. Mr. Pattison leads a team of project management, legal, finance, communications and strategic sourcing professionals who procure and support the delivery of Infrastructure Ontario's portfolio of light rail transit projects through public private partnerships. He provides strategic direction, leadership and support to Project Directors and their teams. Mr. Pattison will be discussing Infrastructure Ontario’s Alternative Financing and Procurement and Output Specification practices in relation to the Eglinton Light Rail Transit development.

The second presenter of the day will be Mr. Tim Banfield, the Director of the Nichols Group and former Director of Portfolio Oversight, Initiation and Intervention for the Major Projects Authority, Cabinet Office within the UK government. Mr. Banfield will be speaking about the efforts to improve the delivery of the UK Government’s major projects.

Before lunch The Comptroller General, Mr. Roch Huppé, will speak on the Treasury Board Secretariat’s perspective on current and future priorities and initiatives to improve the delivery of Canadian Government major projects.

HMCS Regina


The seminars third set of presenters that will take the stage after lunch will be Mr. Dave Monahan, the Project Manager of the Halifax Class Modernization (HCM) Frigate Life Extension project for the Department of National Defense and Mr. Bob Pask, the Program Manager for the Halifax Class Modernization (HCM) CSI DAB project at Lockheed Martin Canada, Rotary and Mission Systems.

Mr. Monahan is a Program Engineering Manager with a background in Combat System Engineering projects related to the introduction, integration, maintenance and support of sensors and weapons in Naval Vessels. He has worked in small and large project teams involving Canadian Military, Industrial and International partners. The HCM-FELEX project he manages has made significant progress to date. All 12 ships have undergone midlife refits, First Article Acceptance has been accomplished and several ships have been deployed internationally with their complement of modernized equipment.

Mr. Pask joined Lockheed Martin Canada in 2003, working on various major pursuits and projects before joining the HCM Proposal team in 2006. During the HCM proposal, Mr. Pask held many responsibilities, including development of the Program Management Plan, which were critical to influencing the company’s strategies and infrastructure for program execution. When HCM was awarded in 2008, Mr. Pask assumed the role of Deputy Program Manager – Production and Delivery, which he held until he was promoted to the Program Manager in 2015. As the Program Manager, Mr. Pask has successfully managed the delivery of ships 7 to 12, spares and land based training systems. Throughout his time on HCM, Mr. Pask worked closely with both the customer and suppliers to ensure all parties were focused on completing a successful program.

The pair will highlight key takeaways on the methodology and project management processes that successfully delivered an extremely complex information management system including Combat System sensors as part of the Halifax Class Frigate modernization project, on time and on budget.

The Ottawa Hospital


The final presenter of the day will be Dr. Glen Geiger, the Chief Medical Information Officer and the Medical lead of Project Fusion for The Ottawa Hospital (TOH). Dr. Geiger is leading the hospital’s efforts to implement Computerized Physician Order Entry, Voice Recognition and Electronic Documentation. He recently completed a Masters of Business Administration at the Telfer School of Business and Management and continues to practice as a General Internal Medicine Specialist.

Dr. Geiger will be discussing the procurement approach to the common Hospital Information System  the Ottawa Hospital and Partners purchased in 2017. He will be sharing insight into change management and governance gained from the first 6 months of the planned 20-month implementation.

Rounding out the day will be a plenary discussion, featuring key insights and summaries of each project, between MBCPL participants and presenters followed by closing remarks from Telfer’s Dean, Mr. François Julien. The end of the evening will have a reception for networking and discussion on a more personal level between attendees, MBCPL participants, speakers and guests.

There will be no cost to attend the seminar, and it is open for those working in the project or program environments.

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