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The admission process for this specialized degree has been designed to bring together the group of candidates who will best contribute to and benefit from the MBCPL experience.

Candidates are evaluated on their education and work experience, their desire to improve their own abilities and their potential to understand and implement new concepts in order to better deliver complex programs.

The rigorous selection process will assess the competencies required for candidates to succeed in the program both individually and collectively as a group.

To apply online, click here:

Please find our program located under By Degree > Master’s > Complex Project Leadership, M.B., Master's. Or if you have already logged in to your OUAC account, click here:

International Students

More information

Information session

Are you interested in applying for the MBCPL program? Contact us to register for an upcoming information session! These sessions will provide you with the necessary information on the program and application process.

Admission criteria

The Telfer MBCPL program is designed for the experienced individual who would like to specialize in leading complex endeavours. To be considered for admission into this unique program, applicants must:

  1. Have a minimum of five years’ management experience, as demonstrated in their curriculum vitae
  2. Have a minimum of two years’ experience in a project or procurement environment, as demonstrated in their curriculum vitae
  3. Hold a Canadian undergraduate degree (or equivalent) from a recognized university with a minimum B average (70%)

Note: Candidates without a degree may be considered on the merits of their life-long learning and accomplishments, normally with at least 12 years of experience.

Proficiency in English

The Telfer MBCPL program is currently offered in English. International candidates and those whose first language is not English must submit evidence of proficiency through any one of the following:

  • A score of at least 100 on the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), administered by Educational Testing Service,
  • A minimum score of 7 in at least three of the four International English Language Testing System (IELTS) tests (Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking) and at least 6 in the fourth test (tests administered by the British Council,
  • Proof of completion within the last five years of a degree program in an English-language university
  • Proof of recent prolonged residence and employment in an English-speaking country (generally for at least four of the last six years)

L'Université d’Ottawa est un établissement bilingue. Les candidats et candidates ont le choix de soumettre leurs travaux dans l’une ou l’autre des deux langues officielles du Canada. Cependant, dans le cadre du programme de maîtrise en administration des affaires en leadership de projets complexes, les cours, présentations et discussions se déroulent seulement en anglais.

Application process

As the only one of its kind in North America, the MBCPL program is subject to a rigorous selection process. In order for your admission file to be reviewed by the Telfer School of Management Admissions Committee the following tasks must be completed:

  1. Complete the OUAC application form online at Your application will be transmitted once you have paid the $100 fee. You will receive by email your uoAccess ID and password within 3 to 5 days. This ID and password will allow you to log in to the uoZone ( student portal.
  2. Upload via your uoZone, under the tab Applications, then uoDoc the following electronic documents:
    • Curriculum vitae (resume): Outline your managerial and professional experience, and any pertinent volunteer work, demonstrating you meet the admissions criteria. Please add the names of the three referees (see below for the details)
    • Statement of Interest: State your goals and how the Telfer MBCPL program will help you meet them.
    • Letter of support:
      • Statement of support from your employer: a letter from your current employer indicating support for your enrollment (if applicable) which need to include the Sponsorship Billing Authorization Form
    • Transcripts: Please upload one transcript from each university level institution you attended. Transcript from the University of Ottawa will be requested by our office.
    • Transcripts from non-Canadian and non-American institutions should include the grading scale (often found at bottom or back of the transcript. If not, you need to obtain it from your school). 
    • If the transcript is not in English or French, a copy of certified translation must be submitted.

      N.B. Official and recent transcripts will only be required in the event of an admission offer. Candidates who completed their studies in China will be required to submit official translations (transcripts and diplomas) certified by the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC). Official transcripts must be sent directly to our institution at the following address:

      Telfer School of Management
      55 Laurier Avenue East, Room 4160
      Ottawa ON K1N 6N5 Canada
    • Official language proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, CanTEST, etc.) if applicable.  To be valid, the test score must be less than two years old at the time of application. To speed up the evaluation process, please upload a copy of your language test report. Request that official from ETS (TOEFL) or IELTS to make the results be available electronically to the Telfer Graduate Office.
      • TOEFL institutional code is 0993 and department code is 02.
  3. Add your three referees’ contact information in the Admission Portal checklist (uoZone). Your referees will receive an email from the University of Ottawa with a link to a recommendation form to be submitted virtually. The referees should be one from each of the following people:
    • A supervisor
    • A peer
    • A subordinate

Once received, the application package is reviewed by the Telfer MBCPL admissions committee. In some cases, as part of the admissions process, applicants may be required to complete additional steps, such as:

  • Providing evidence of proficiency in English
  • Writing a business case study analysis
  • Attending an interview by a member of the Telfer MBCPL admissions committee

In general, an application will be processed within three to four weeks of receipt of all required documentation. All applicants will be notified in writing of the decision.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our admission requirements or application process.

Telephone: (613) 562-5800 x 7922
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application deadline

Applications for admission are accepted for the Fall term only. The deadline for entry in September 2019 is July 31, 2019. Exceptions can apply (except for international students), please contact us to confirm at 613-852-4637 or email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

August 18th - Deadline for the upload of the remainder of supporting documentation. Copy of transcripts are acceptable. originals must be sent upon admittance. (Not applicable if you studied at the University of Ottawa.)

Statement of interest

The statement of interest is an important component of your application. It allows you to communicate to the Telfer MBCPL admissions committee key topics critical to your success in the program. Your statement of interest should be a maximum of 1,500 words (3 pages) and can be addressed to the director of the program.

Your statement of interest should focus on the following topics:

  1. Your personal contribution to the learning experience within the classroom
    The diversity of candidates within a Telfer MBCPL cohort allows you to learn not only from experienced faculty members but also from your peers. Provide your own individual assessment of what you can contribute to the learning environment based upon your personal career progression, experiences and achievements.
  2. Your career goals and how the Telfer MBCPL program will assist in meeting them
    Every candidate has a distinct purpose for considering the Telfer MBCPL Program.  You will need to reflect and define a set of professional development and learning objectives.  Clearly specify why you are pursuing the Telfer MBCPL, how the program will contribute to your career aspirations and how you intend to use your new skillset within your organization
  3. Your work ethic and time commitments
    The Telfer MBCPL program is a part-time graduate level program that requires a high level of dedication, active participation and a keen desire to learn new concepts. Alongside your current commitments, you can expect to invest on average 10 – 12 hours per week to meet the program requirements.  This includes time for class preparation, completing assignments and participating in study groups and team meetings. Describe how you intend to meet the various demands of your time and provide examples where you have successfully operated in a stressful, high-intensity, delivery-focused environment.
  4. How you work in a team environment
    Within the Telfer MBCPL program, there is a strong emphasis placed on team collaboration and project environments. Discuss your experiences in working within project teams. What do you consider as the strengths and weaknesses you would bring to a team environment?
  5. Any additional information you believe may be useful for evaluation of your file


Please consult the following checklist to ensure that you have successfully met all of required:

  1. Completed and submitted the University of Ottawa Graduate Studies online application?
  2. Paid the non-refundable application fee ($100)?
  3. Uploaded your curriculum vitae via uoDoc?
  4. Uploaded your required statement of interest via uoDoc?
  5. Uploaded a copy of the transcript for all your university level studies via uoDoc?
  6. Added the three (3) required confidential letters of recommendation via uoDoc?
  7. Added the letter of support from your employer required from your employer via uoDoc? (if applicable)
  8. Added the Sponsorship Billing Authorization Form with your Letter of Support from your employer (if applicable) via uoDoc?

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