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Career Priorities, Progress, and Pleasure: The Recipe for a Successful Reading Week

Tags: Career Path, Career Development

Reading week is soon approaching, and you probably have one thing on your mind: getting away from school. A lot of us usually spend most of our reading week taking a huge pause. However, that is not mandatory! Reading week can absolutely be a productive time for your professional and personal life! So here are some tips to help you have a successful reading week.  Read more ›

3 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Rejection

Tags: Career Development, rejection

J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times before she got published. Today, her net worth from the Harry Potter series exceeds $1 billion. Most people often face a great deal of rejection before they succeed. However, overcoming the fear of rejection will open up many opportunities both in your career and personal life.  Read more ›

HR Management: Five Captivating Resources to Expand Your Horizons

Tags: Career Development, Motivation

Whether you’re just getting started in the field of HR or wanting to take charge in your new role, you may be asking yourself this question: how to navigate the world of HR? If you want answers or maybe some motivation to start your day, here are five resources that will enrich your knowledge.  Read more ›

The Career Development Certificate

Tags: Career Development

The Career Centre provides many opportunities for students to learn and develop the necessary skills to be successful graduates. The Career Development Certificate (CDC) is designed for students to gain tangible skills that will set you apart from others candidates during your career planning process.  Read more ›

Career: How to Create a Solid Action Plan

Tags: Career Planning, Career Development

Planning is an integral process that applies to various disciplines in life. Artists will envision their paintings before creating their final masterpiece. Athletes will plan their workout routine and diet to reach their fitness goal. If something is important to you, then sufficient time will be spent in planning the process before setting out to achieve it. So, when it comes to your career, no less effort should be devoted to planning how to reach your future aspirations.  Read more ›

COVID-19: Four Reasons Why You Should Start Using LinkedIn Learning this Spring

Tags: LinkedIn, Career Development, covid19

Whether you are graduating next fall or in three years, chances are you already know that your education does not stop at the classroom door, and that to attract job offers, you will need more than a business degree. The good news is that uOttawa students have a free, unlimited access to over 9,000 online courses related to business, media and technology through LinkedIn Learning, a self-service training site.  Read more ›

The Next Step – Tips on Writing a Follow-up Email After Your Interview

“I have just had an interview for my dream job! What is my next step? What can I do to increase my chance of getting the job?” Many students are unsure of what their next step should be after an interview. A professionnal follow-up email is a great way to establish connection with the interviewers and to get any updates or information regarding the position.  Read more ›

Tips for a Successful Coffee Chat

Tags: Career Development

Coffee chats with professionals are considered a more informal way of networking. However, many students see it as a daunting prospect. Here are a few tips regarding coffee chats that others have shared with me over the course of my university experience:  Read more ›

 Perfecting One’s Professional Image during Reading Week

Reading week is upon us! For some of you, this will mean a well‑deserved rest after the midterms frenzy. For others, it will surely be an uninterrupted blitz of study. However you intend to spend this week, one thing for sure: you probably have no intention to spend it perfecting your professional image. You’ll surely be at home with your family and friends, or bing-watching your favourite show on Netflix. “Networking during Reading Week? Now way!” But if I told you that there are numerous, simple and interesting ways to network during this highly anticipated break, would take my advice?  Read more ›

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