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How to Open Doors by Volunteering While at Telfer

As Telfer students, we can gain many personal and social benefits while volunteering in our community. Volunteering can also help you achieve your career aspirations. So if you find yourself having a couple of extra hours to spend, why not get involved for the following reasons:  Read more ›

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One of the main reasons I joined the Telfer Career Centre as an ambassador was because someone told me it would be a great way to learn how to network. The Centre allowed me to start networking in a pressure-free environment. As I started volunteering at networking events and information sessions held by various employers, I was able to practise networking easily. In many of these events, I had to communicate with our guest employers to ensure everything goes smoothly. The best part is that I was paired with another student, usually a volunteer. This proved to be especially important during my first few networking events. It made all the difference knowing that I had a partner there with me.  Read more ›

How to Find Relevant Work Experience Without the CO-OP Program?

How do you gain work experience that is relevant to your program of study? Applying for the CO-OP Program is a very common answer that I’ve heard from many people. However, if you were not admitted to the CO-OP Program for some reason, or you are still on the waiting list, do not worry! There are many routes that can lead to success. Besides the CO-OP Program, there are other programs and internship opportunities that allow you to gain relevant work experience during your studies.  Read more ›

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