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Humans of Telfer – Glory Angela

“If I wanted people to remember me for something during my four years at the Telfer School of Management, it would be this: whether you are in first, second or third year, whenever you decide to get involved, you’ll start making an impact.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Audrey

“What I like most about Telfer is its faculty. For the last three years, I have encountered professors who I think are the most talented and extremely dedicated to helping students acquire new knowledge. I love the way they stir up their students’ curiosity on the subject matters.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Christine

“What I like the most about Telfer is that there are always people there to support you. Whether it be your professors, your classmates, or Telfer alumni, everyone is happy to help answer your questions. Telfer is really one big family and it offers so many different opportunities to help students achieve their goals and become business leaders.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Idriss

“Being a third-year student at the Telfer School of Management, I’ve grown both personally and professionally. From the Ambassador Program to the International Student Coaches Program, from the Telfer Career Centre workshops to the Co-op Program, I was able to acquire solid skills as well as experience that apply as much to daily life as to work.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Ihsan

“Through my two years at Telfer, I have been able to meet so many amazing people, grown personally and professionally and got involved within the Telfer community!  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Melanie

“I have been an ambassador for two consecutive years, and this can be attributed to the 3Ps that make up the Ambassadors Team: 1) the People; 2) the Passion; 3) the Purpose. The Ambassador Program has definitely opened up numerous opportunities for me and helped me grow. Most importantly, I found a family!”  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Nora

“As a 2nd-year student who has recently switched from Management to Finance, I am grateful for all of the opportunities Telfer has offered me. From participating in the Co-op program to joining many different clubs like the University of Ottawa Muslim Students Association, UNICEF, and uOsmile; my university experience has been both busy and enriching.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Rushika

“If there is one thing I have learned at Telfer, it is that students should take advantage of the amazing professors who teach at this school. They are extremely knowledgeable and are always happy to help us understand the class material or to give us some career advice. I truly believe that students will have an enriched undergraduate experience by talking to at least one of their professors during their time here.”  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Belal

“As I am finishing up my undergrad here at the Telfer School of Management, I realize that I have learned so many invaluable lessons that apply not only to just school but to life in general. In short, meet as many people as possible, inside and outside Telfer. You never know who you may connect with and whether they can help you or not in your career goals.  Read more ›

Humans of Telfer – Andrew

“After reflecting on the past 4 years at Telfer, I realize there have been moments where I lost sight of what the purpose was. There is a mentality that’s instilled early in students that it’s simply about getting that piece of paper.  Read more ›

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