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Fifty years! What a milestone for our institution! The rich history of the Telfer School of Management is attributable to a succession of collective efforts undertaken by its community at large. We would be remiss if we did not mention the knowledge and commitment of our faculty, the determination of our students, the dedication of our administrative staff, and of course the remarkable participation of our donors and graduates. These people have been with us, day in and day out, since the day the Faculty of Administration was founded. This community has evolved over time, but has always been representative of the wisdom of the past, the movements of the present, and a wish to innovate for tomorrow. In this anniversary year, we are not celebrating the walls of an institution; we are celebrating its heart and soul: our people.

We wouldn’t be celebrating our Jubilee with quite this much energy, if Ian Telfer’s vision hadn’t come to fruition in 2007, if employee donations hadn’t been made (reaching record highs in 2019), if students hadn't poured themselves in and out of the classroom and if our alumni didn't shine so bright in the business community. Let us raise our glasses to the contributions made by all, from day one to today!

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