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The true impact of Telfer School can be felt through our research, our curricula, and the tenacity and generosity of our community. This tangible impact is seen on a daily basis in the School’s initiatives that enable us, both individually and collectively, to set our community apart and to reach new heights in terms of excellence, mutual aid and humanism. 

Several events that have marked the past year will live on in the collective memory of the Telfer School of Management. Such is the case of the 20th edition of the CASCO Gala, a flagship event that traditionally marks student life every year, and that has raised over $500,000 for CHEO Children’s Hospital over the years. The School also played a pivotal role in hosting the 21st International Leadership Association (ILA) World Conference. Leading scholars, including Henry Mintzberg and Nancy Adler, and other influencers such as the Rt. Hon. Paul Martin and David Lloyd Johnston, gathered at that meeting to address issues of leadership and courage. 

On the business community front, Telfer is second to none. The School is extremely proud of its students and alumni’s achievements, who, with the knowledge and support they have gained, make a difference in the business world. Our entrepreneurship incubator benefits businesses started by our students and alumni, of which Growcer Inc. is a case in point. The primary purpose of this social enterprise is to eradicate food insecurity in Canada’s far north. It is a unique human initiative that is regularly celebrated on national platforms, such as CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Because part the School’s raison d’être is to promote sustainable values at the organizational level, we sent a delegation of students, faculty and administrative staff to the Global Climate March in Ottawa, on September 27. The School wanted to demonstrate its solidarity with this cause as well as its commitment to sustainable development and circular economy. 

One of this year’s memorable event was the welcoming, on our campus, of Dean François Julien’s counterparts at the annual meeting of the Canadian Federation of Business School Deans. The honour then bestowed upon us was entirely consistent with the School’s mission to promote the quality of business management teaching and professional development of business school administrators.

Although we have highlighted here some of the noteworthy achievements of the past year, we are convinced that that our community is an agent of change within the business sector, since any action can have an immediate or long-term impact. Let’s celebrate all of our accomplishments!

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