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It was on a note of celebration that I had the great honour of launching the 50th anniversary year of the Telfer School of Management, formerly known as the Faculty of Administration of the University of Ottawa. Over this Jubilee Year, we have focussed on our major achievements and highlighted the impact the School has had on our community since its inception. We have had the opportunity to celebrate those who, over the course of its history, have ushered in much beneficial change at Telfer: the many professors, students, graduates, donors, administrative staff, and other members of our community at large who have ties to the school, have their hearts in it, and contribute to its success. 

Telfer’s long tradition of excellence encourages us to put forward bold projects and facilitates the local, national, and international impact that we have. Our curriculum, exchange programs, and academic research now resonate far beyond the borders of the National Capital Region, especially as they propose innovative solutions to the social problems they address. Given that our projects tackle some of the most important issues for our and future generations, it is right here, at the Telfer School of Management, that we have the power to lead transformation.

In the sections that follow, you will find texts that revisit our past and others that highlight our major achievements of this past year. Taken together, these moments inform the history of our school and its community. They have helped us mature and allowed us to grow in our confidence that we can reach our full potential. 

While there has been so much to celebrate since 1969, this anniversary year has also given us a chance to aim higher and look to the future with ambition. It is my hope that Telfer will build on its history of excellence and that, in this, our efforts will never fall short of our goals of fully developing our potential and fostering management careers through the leadership of our graduates and the influence of our research.

Looking ahead

Aware of its role in society, the Telfer School of Management has always given consideration to its social responsibility. Building on the research conducted by its faculty and driven by a desire to lead knowledge creation, Telfer decided to establish four areas of strategic impact by which faculty members could position themselves as research leaders in their respective fields of expertise. These pillars, now known as “areas of strategic impact”, have proven their worth and left their mark on our Jubilee Year. Surely Telfer‘s future will be shaped by these four interdisciplinary areas, and our entire community will reap the benefits:

In devising these areas of strategic impact, Telfer was inspired by its long tradition of social contribution and an ambitious view of its future.

Areas of Strategic Impact

Globalization, governance and sustainability

Health system innovation and management

Thriving organizations and societies

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategic Management

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