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What Matters to You, Matters to Us

The Telfer School of Management connects you to what matters. What matters to you, matters to us. What matters to you also matters to me. Whoever you are—a current or prospective student, a member of our faculty or administrative staff, an alumnus, a business leader, or any person or organization in what I call the “Telfer community"—my prime duty as Dean is to see that our school connects you to whatever people, resources and opportunities you need to realize your ambitions. What matters to you, matters to all of us at the Telfer School.

What matters to you, our students, matters to us

What matters to you is to learn from great professors and work with other excellent students, but also to have learning experiences that are more experiential in nature, more international in scope, more entrepreneurial in focus and that addresses issues of sustainability.

I agree. That’s why our programs are more than a collection of courses. Our school offers you a wide assortment of learning environments, cutting-edge research and experiences that enable you to explore and understand today’s business world and discover your place in it.

Our relationship with you is also dynamic. Your actions—the clubs you join, the competitions you enter, the projects you initiate—influence the learning experiences and opportunities we develop and provide you. In response to your activities and demands, we go beyond program and curriculum reviews to make sure what we offer you corresponds with what you want and need. Whether it’s more opportunities to access mentors, or more ways to hone your entrepreneurial skills and express your social conscience, or more possibilities to experience other business cultures, we’re doing all we can to help you realize your goals. More than that, we want you to keep pushing us to live up to our promise of putting you at the centre of everything we do.

What matters to you, our professors, matters to me

Students aren’t the only ones we want to see fulfil their academic and career goals. We also want to connect you, our professors, to what matters to you: classrooms of intelligent, engaged and eager students; passionate, brilliant and curious researchers; research opportunities that produce relevant business knowledge that is influential and impactful; and access to professional networks you can use to advance your work and propel your careers.

We’re doing just that by linking you to other scholars on our campus and at our many partner schools; by developing a PhD program that will attract top students and reveal exciting research opportunities; and by appointing a vice dean whose sole focus is your career development from the moment you’re hired until the day you retire.

What matters to you, our staff, matters to me

What matters to you, members of the administrative staff of our school, is providing excellent service to our students and supporting the work of our professors in an environment that is stimulating and pleasant, while developing your own professional skills. You and your work matter to our school and to me, as nothing we do and could hope to achieve is possible without your positive commitment to our school and the connections you help us make. That’s why I’m focused on making your experience professionally satisfying and personally meaningful, and why we value excellence in service and recognize annually you exceptional work through the Telfer Awards of Excellence.

What matters to you, the Telfer community, matters to us

What matters to you, members of the Telfer community, is to have access to competent and well-prepared future employees, to have solutions to the challenges you face, and to have a positive impact on your community. We also connect with members of the Telfer community in many ways at multiple levels. The reason is simple: The alumni, top organizations and leading businesses that make up this community contribute to our success by participating in and helping us create a variety of learning experiences and opportunities for our students and faculty members.

Yet our relationship with our community isn’t a one-way street: Members of the Telfer community benefit from the connections they make with us. They form relationships with students, professors and researchers who can help them resolve business problems. They recruit graduates to fuel their growth. And they send their top people to take advantage of our executive education programs.

This symbiotic partnership exemplifies the whole idea of being connected to what matters: Our Telfer community matters to us and we matter to our community, and we both will continue looking for ways to strengthen our existing ties and make new ones for the benefit of all.

What matters to you?

We dedicate our efforts to put you at the centre of everything we do so that you have all the means to make an impact in your own special ways. This report highlights many of the actions we’ve taken recently to help our students, professors, partners and staff reach their goals. The report often relates these stories in the words of these actors.

I now turn to you: What are your ambitions? Tell me. I want to make sure the Telfer School gives you the experiences, opportunities, support and anything else you need to reach your goals—whatever they may be. I want you to be part of the success story we’re writing here at our school, your school. In fact, we can’t write it without you.

So tell me: What matters to you?

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