Setting and supporting our goals

Alain Doucet is Telfer’s Assistant Dean of External Relations.

Alain Doucet
alain doucet

Telfer carefully manages its financial resources to provide faculty members and students with opportunities to broaden their horizons. These resources can take the form of straightforward scholarships that recognize outstanding performance, as well as targeted investment in projects that are of specific interest to the School. In either case, the result is a richer experience for participants, as well as a richer scholarly and educational culture for the institution.

The provision of scholarships enables new or returning students to face financial challenges and in so doing it is a key means of ensuring that the Telfer School continues to attract the very best applicants in the world. This is especially important at a time of profound demographic change, when the competition for these applicants is stronger than it has ever been. Your dedicated support for these awards will enable the School to compete successfully and contribute directly to ensuring the ongoing quality of our graduates.

Another primary mechanism for maintaining that quality is the Dean’s Strategic Priorities Fund, which sustains activities such as coaching for international students, along with the operating budget for the Financial Research and Learning Lab. This fund also sponsors Telfer’s MBA case competition team and the International Leadership Association, which will be holding its 2019 conference in Ottawa.

Each of these initiatives is yet another facet of the outstanding learning environment we have created at the Telfer School, a setting that you can further enhance with your own contribution.


BDO Scholarship

$30,000 Gift Creates the BDO Canada Telfer MBA Aboriginal Scholarship

BDO Canada LLP is one of many organizations who continue to stay connected with and give back to the Telfer School to support the programs and projects that matter most to them, while helping the School achieve its goals.