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Originally from Ivory Coast, a country that still faces poverty and many other social problems, Telfer School of Management Professor Saouré Kouamé wants to make people and businesses aware of how pressing it is to tackle the issue of poverty.

During his PhD, while studying how organizations like Oxfam and United Ways make decisions, he learned a lot from people who developed poverty reduction campaigns. “I realized that attracting corporate support was a big challenge for these organizations,” he explains.

These organizations often have to make an extra effort to convince businesses that they too should play a part in reducing poverty. Thus, it is not a coincidence that Professor Kouamé’s purpose in his current research supported by the Telfer School is to raise awareness in the corporate world: “I wanted to give more visibility to poverty reduction causes.”

If you would like to learn more about why campaigns against poverty are not as popular as other humanitarian causes and how charitable organizations could better attract corporate support, click here to read our full story on Professor Kouamé’s research project.

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